The WHO and HOW Behind the WHY

The WHO and HOW Behind the WHY By Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, President, Healthy Dining

The 2016 UCLA Restaurant Conference, themed “What’s Your Why?,” featured a fascinating session with Erik Oberholtzer of Tender Greens, Adam Schlegel of Snooze Eatery and Mario del Pero of Mendocino Farms. I spoke with each of these inspirational restaurateurs in depth to explore the “who” and “how” behind the “why.” This three-part series will uncover how these three entrepreneurs are leading today’s sustainability, locally sourced and clean trends.  


Part I - Interview with Erik Oberholtzer, Co-Founder and CEO of Tender Greens

AdamSchegel-(1).jpgPart II – Interview with Adam Schlegel, Co-Owner and Consiglieri of Snooze Eatery

Mario-del-Pero-Mendocino-Farms.jpgPart III – Interview with Mario del Pero, CEO of Mendocino Farms