Healthy Dining and Welltok Partnership Brings Cognitive Computing Technology to Healthy Eating in Restaurants

Healthy Dining and Welltok Partnership Brings  Cognitive Computing Technology to Healthy Eating in Restaurants By Sara Lucero
July 28, 2015

Healthy Dining is joining forces with Welltok’s groundbreaking CaféWell Concierge app, powered by IBM Watson cognitive computing technology. The revolutionary app, now being used in employee wellness and healthcare settings, provides personalized menu choices from Healthy Dining’s restaurant partners based on individuals’ dietary restrictions, health needs, weight and fitness goals, and/or food preferences. Every menu item is validated by Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians and contains healthful nutrition attributes.

“By coupling Healthy Dining’s data with IBM Watson’s cognitive ability to understand an individual’s dietary preferences and recognize his or her location, we can guide the individual to the best Healthy Dining menu choices and support his/her journey to optimized health,” said Jeff Cohen, co-founder and vice president of functional architecture for Welltok.

“Optimal nutrition is one of the most significant factors in preventing and reversing the majority of our nation’s health conditions, like diabetes, overweight and obesity, heart disease and stroke and Alzheimer’s,” said Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, president of Healthy Dining.

“Since most Americans eat away from home an average of five times each week and it can be almost impossible to know what to order at restaurants to meet specific health needs, it is very important that wellness and condition management programs empower smart dining out choices. We applaud Welltok’s leadership in providing a new dimension to healthy restaurant dining through its groundbreaking CaféWell Concierge app.”

This collaboration between Healthy Dining and Welltok’s CaféWell Concierge app, powered by IBM Watson, not only makes eating out an easy and healthy option for consumers, but it is putting participating Healthy Dining restaurants front and center as leaders in the movement for a healthier America.

With the partnership between Welltok and Healthy Dining, a new era in health has begun. This move pairs cutting edge technology with the expertise of culinary dietitians to take the guesswork out of making the best food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Welltok is on a mission to transform the nation’s healthcare system from one of sickcare to optimized health. We’ve created the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform to enable health plans, employers and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health.

Healthy Dining’s signature web and mobile site,, is the only search engine of its kind providing personalized dining out recommendations validated by Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians. features more than 4,000 menu choices from participating restaurants nationwide enabling diet- and nutrition- conscious consumers to find nutrition information and Healthy Dining options emphasizing healthful lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats.