Live Webinar: Healthful Food Initiatives in the UK and US

 Live Webinar: Healthful Food Initiatives in the UK and US
LIVE WEBINAR – WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6TH – 1:30 PM EDT/ 10:30 AM PDT Calorie reduction and healthier food has been a key nutrition and health strategy in the US for several years. The United Kingdom has also focused on reduced sugar, reduced sodium and childhood obesity – and is now exploring calorie reduction strategies aimed at food providers and consumers.
This June 6 webinar takes place ahead of the Calorie Reduction Summit to be held on June 26 at the Royal Society in London. The Webinar and Summit will explore how the UK, based on homeland and USA learnings, will move forward with a calorie reduction policy. The discussion will focus on identifying challenges, opportunities and solutions to the following questions:  
  • How should the UK be tackling obesity and calorie reduction
  • What has been achieved?
  • What has yet to be done and how?
  • What is the response of retail and food suppliers?
  • Would there be an impact on prices?
  • What about individual responsibility?
The Calorie Reduction webinar includes 3 of the key speakers from the Summit, drawing out some of the critical issues they will be exploring and discussing the interaction between science, evidence and policy in achieving real gains in calorie reduction and much more.
• Anita Jones-Mueller, CEO of US-based Healthy Dining, will share some of the key findings from their NIH funded research exploring the extent to which calories can be removed unobtrusively in out-of-home settings.  At the Calorie Reduction Summit, Anita will delve further into this research and deliver a 25 minute keynote presentation on insights to be gained from an understanding of the USA’s new legislation to make out-of-home menu  labeling mandatory
• Prof Peter Rogers, nutrition researcher at the University of Bristol, will outline the research he will be presenting at the Summit, and explain the importance of achieving maximum pleasure and satiation from food, to avoid compensatory and counter-productive behaviours.
• Sara Peterson, nutrition analyst at Euromonitor, will provide a glimpse into the data on discrepancies in serving size and portion size, questioning whether the focus should be on reducing calorie density or reducing calories per serving. Understand why this distinction is important along with the implication for industry – and public health – in developing effective calorie reduction tactics.