Get Started Now to Capitalize on Menu Labeling

Get Started Now to Capitalize on Menu Labeling
If you’re a restaurant with 20 or more locations, menu labeling compliance should be at the top of your priority list.
Starting May 5, 2017, restaurants with 20 or more locations will be subject to the long awaited menu labeling legislation requiring calories to be posted on menus and complete nutrition information available to guests upon request. Menu labeling compliance can be a complicated maze to navigate and generally takes time to complete. Don’t wait. NOW is the time to get started in order to meet with the May 5 deadline.

Over the coming weeks, Healthy Dining’s team of expert dietitians will help guide you through the process of menu labeling compliance by answering your questions on the process step by step. You’ll learn more about verifying your nutrition information, completing the most accurate nutrition analysis and even presenting the required information not only as required but also in a way that appeals to guests, given the growing focus on nutrition.

Mark your calendar to learn about these 10 steps for menu labeling compliance so that you can make the most of the opportunity using the information we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks:

  1. Finalize your standardized recipes and undertake nutrition analysis of all standard menu items (OR confirm accuracy of existing analysis). 
  2. Review FDA rules for presenting calories on menu.
  3. Re-design/format all menus/menu boards to include calories.
  4. Determine presentation method (e.g., binder, brochure, electronically) for ten “additional nutrients” (carbs, protein, etc.).  Design presentation materials. 
  5. Print new menus incorporating calorie counts and separate materials containing nutrition information for additional nutrients.
  6. Distribute new menus and additional information materials to locations.
  7. Determine plan for training location-level management, BOH and FOH on basics of the regulations and staff roles in compliance.
  8. Implement staff training.

Don’t get left behind. Get started now to stay ahead of menu labeling compliance and capitalize on the nutrition information guests will be demanding in the coming months and years.